Knights of Columbus

Monsignor Charles F. Kordsmeier Council 5209

December 8, 2021 9:16pm CST 808 N Cedar St, Morrilton, AR 72110

Monthly Bulletin: July 2019

Grand Knight's Message

Brother Knights and families: As we celebrate the birthday of our country, we remember how blessed we are to live in a land of freedom, especially our freedom of religion. I know it is difficult at times to see past all the negatives in our country, and there are plenty. What can we do? For many of us, it comes down to prayer. But when? How? Will it help? Sometimes it seems like our prayers aren't answered, or that the problems are just too difficult and numerous to resolve. I would argue that if it weren't for the prayers of many millions every day, we wouldn't have this wonderful, free country. It could be a lot worse! So I encourage all of us to devote at least just a little time - every day - to prayer. Could be 15 minutes first thing in the morning, or at lunch, or at night. But schedule that time and pray in your own way. Pray a rosary - only 15 minutes. If the rosary doesn't resonate with you, consider a prayer book, or just quiet conversation with God. Or another way to pray is reading scripture - not the whole bible, just a little at a time. There are countless sources online, for example, to get the daily readings that are read in daily mass. This is a great way to read scripture and follow through with various books of the bible. Or consider attending daily mass or adoration. Whatever works for you - find a way to pray more. It will help. If nothing else, it helps us to find a little more peace in our own daily lives.

Vivat Jesus!

Mark Hoelzeman, G.K.

Family Activities:
Tommy Norman

Knight of the Month:
Paul McCade

The Knights would like to recognize Paul McCabe as our June 2019 Knight of the Month. Paul is involved in nearly all activities in our council, including bingo, maintenance, Faith Director, Trustee, prepares meals at our monthly meetings and the 5th Sunday Family Breakfasts. Paul is an Extraordinary Minister at Sacred Heart parish. We are grateful for all that Paul does for the council.

Family of the Month:
Dr. Peter and Bernadette Post Family

Dr. Post is a longtime member of council 5209 and is currently in the permanent Diaconate program, which of course means Bernadette is there right along with him. The Post's are very active in Sacred Heart parish, where Peter is a Lector and Bernadette is an Extraordinary Minister. Additionally, Bernadette has recently been instrumental is starting up a Catholic Young Adult group known as "Ignite". This group has already brought quite a few young adults together for fellowship and Catholic discussion and prayer. Congratulations to the Post family!

Mark Tyler

We will conduct a 1st degree exemplification on Tuesday, August 13th at 7:00pm. This will be our regular August meeting. Please have candidates there by 6:30pm with a completed Form 100. Please make an effort to have interested candidates there.

Community Activities:
Eric Tyler

The annual Luck of the Draw fundraiser for the Center for Exceptional Children is underway. The raffle drawings will be held August 9th. Our Council has been asked to sell at least 200 tickets. If you want to take some tickets to sell or would like to purchase some, call Eric Tyler at (501) 940-3072.

Mark Tyler

We have a new seminarian. Colton Ketter will replace Father Jon Miskin who was just ordained to the priesthood. We will also continue to sponsor Quinn Thomas. I will send out contact information when it becomes available. Please keep these men in your prayers.

Calendar of Events

Jul 1: Weekly Bingo Game, 7:00pm
Jul 8: Weekly Bingo Game, 7:00pm
Jul 9: Regular K of C meeting at 7:00pm. Meal will be at 6:00pm, Rosary at 6:30pm.
Jul 15: Weekly Bingo Game, 7:00pm
Jul 16: Officers/Committee Chairmen Meeting, 7:00pm.
Jul 22: Weekly Bingo Game, 7:00pm
Jul 29: Weekly Bingo Game, 7:00pm
Aug 4: Family BBA, 1:00pm
Aug 18: Horseshoe Tournament
Aug 25: Softball Game re-match at St. Mary Church.

July Bingo Workers:
Team 3

Chairman: Jim Lasowski; Mark Belmonte, Mario Camarillo, Rafael Cervantes, David Dunlap, Bill Eggart, Francis Ehemann, Joe Ehemann, William Ehemann, Francisco Galindo, Arturo Garcia, Gilberto Garcia, Osmar Garcia, Virgil Hampton, Cesar Ibarra, Luis Juarez, Chris Magie, James Magie, John Magie, David McGee, Mike Mullican, Mike Palmer, Wade Pettingill, Dr. Peter Post, Mike Robertson, Gene Ruffiner, Kyle Stobaugh, Frank Wenger, Robert Wenger, Wayne Zachary, Paul Zimmerman

Mike Robertson

Don't forget our weekly bingo on Monday nights - we need players so tell your friends and come out.

Family Barbecue:
Tommy Norman

The annual K of C Family BBQ will be on Sunday, August 4th. This is certainly one of the best events we have every year and I'm sure this year will not disappoint. Come on out around 1:00pm. We'll have volleyball, horseshoes (good warm-up for the Copper Horseshoe Tournament the next week!), a bounce house for the kids, plus Kiddie Bingo for Back to School supplies and other prizes, starting around 2:00pm. BBQ chicken and all the fixings will be served sometime between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. Pray for good weather and BE THERE!

Horseshoe Tournament:
Louis Hoelzeman

We are excited to announce that the Copper Horseshoe Tournament is being resurrected! Thanks to Brother Knight Louis Hoelzeman, we are planning to host the first Copper Horseshoe Tournament in many years vs. the Conway Council on Sunday, August 18. There will be food, drink, and fellowship and families are especially welcome. We'll have more details on that next month, but dig up your pits, find your shoes, and start practicing. Pick your own partner or show up and we'll pair you up with someone.

Softball Challenge:

We have figured out how to bring on rain - schedule a K of C softball game with St. Vincent! But mark your calendars for SUNDAY, AUGUST 25. That's our new date for the softball game at St. Vincent. More details in next month's bulletin.

Team Assignments:

The next event needing team assignments will be the family BBQ. Next up are teams 4 and 5. Team 4 will be assigned to morning prep-work, and Team 5 will be assigned to help cook that afternoon and clean up. If another team is needed, we'll move on to Team 1. Thanks for your help.